Planning for the Future

Big Future - A website created by College Board to provide students with extensive information on different colleges, majors, and careers, as well as how to apply and get financial aid and scholarships for colleges.

University of California - The home page for all UC schools. Be sure to check out the different "Campus Web Pages" and research the admissions requirements.

California State University - The home page for all CSU schools. Explore the site and see if a CSU school would be a good fit for you.

Los Angeles Community Colleges - A good starting point for researching the different community colleges in Los Angeles. Note the links to the individual campus websites at the bottom of the home page.

Corporation for National & Community Service - A great resource for finding opportunities to serve in your community and around the nation.

Today's Military - This website provides a nice introduction to the world of military service and compiles a lot of information about the opportunities and benefits in the military. - Search or browse a large database of career statistics and use a variety of interactive features to determine which career may be right for you.