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Math Apps and Sites

Math Tools


Wolfram Alpha - Play around with this website for just a minute and you will see how powerful it is. Go to Web Equation to easily write your equations and expressions by hand (mouse) before having them computed by Wolfram Alpha.

Studying Resources


Khan Academy - A free website where you can watch tutorial videos and practice with a great variety of topics. Sign up to keep track of your progress and achievements.

Simple English Wikipedia - The original Wikipedia pages contain very good and reliable information regarding mathematical concepts, but these pages are often difficult to understand because of the complex language that is used. Simple English Wikipedia is a website that translates the content so that it is much easier to understand.


Math Games Apps

Logic Games Apps

Fantastic Contraption - A challenging game where the player builds creative vehicles to transport an object to the goal! Fantastic Contraption 2 is even more challenging!

Cut the Knot - A very large collection of Java-based games and activities.

Math Cats - A site with many interactive math activities that somehow involve cats.

Color Mixing Ratios -This site lets you experiment mixing colors together without using any paint!

Wu Riddles - This is a large collection of riddles and logic problems that range from relatively simple to nearly impossible to solve. Have fun!

Applied Math



Mathematics and Sports - A collection of essays and articles that highlight the underlying science and mathematics that can be seen in sports.

Sports Science - An ESPN show that explores the science behind the amazing athletic feats we see during sporting events.

The Math of Sports Scheduling - An interesting article that investigates how to represent and analyze the different methods of sports scheduling.

Math in Art and Architecture - The homepage for a course offered by the National University of Singapore that details various connections between mathematics and art and architecture.

Patterns in Nature - A Wikipedia page that offers a great starting point for researching the patterns that occur in nature.

How Stuff Works - An incredible database of articles and videos that explain nearly everything you could want to know!